What Makes Catseye Different?

Since the economic downturn in 2007, we have organically grown (non-acquisition) 300%, now approaching $10 million in annual revenue, proving we can adapt and thrive through anything. In 2010 Catseye was listed as the fastest growing pest control company in the industry.

Our inspectors are trained to develop and deliver a comprehensive, custom-tailored solution for every situation. More importantly they are expected to perform 900 inspections of homes or facilities per year and deliver over $1 million in sales annually. 30% of all leads run will result in recurring revenue. There is no other pest control company that sells the way we do.

We are the pioneers of a revolutionary, trademarked exclusion system. Our Cat-Guard® system is a combination of multiple seal-up techniques and high-performance metal. This product has allowed us to enhance our nuisance wildlife division and is responsible for tripling that department’s annual revenue.

Through our marketing and the uniqueness of our brand it will take just a short amount of time for our name to become top-of-mind and those in our markets to be familiar with our brand. At the end of our three-year campaign, Catseye will become the number one sought-out company in that market. We call this the Catseye-Effect. This has been proven in every market where we currently exist.

One of the real reasons Catseye is so unique is the presence of Caddie. Caddie is involved in on-the-ground marketing and has become a well-known, and loved, figure.